3 Free Video Series

“MOMENTS” – There are special individual moments that occur in each angler’s lifetime. In this series we share a collection of special-to-us moments. It goes well beyond the fly fishing, including moments and times in life that important to us or snapshots in time. We’ve just begun sharing this series, autumn 2018. 

ADVANCED TACTICS – Each Monday we try to share a new Advanced Tactic Video to this playlist. These are short videos specific to one how-to topic. Be sure to use the playlist menu at the very top left of the video to see the full play list of the collection.

THE BANK” – We began this series fall, 2015 as a means to share some of the more subtle aspects of fly fishing, to put you in the front seat of those moments. This series has longer videos with stronger sense of place, other people we fish with, destinations, and how-to. 

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