“Cheeky” – New Watercolor for Sale!

We fished a long favorite reach of Alberta’s South Ram River last summer. Dave & I did the petition & lobby to change the regulations to C&R on the Ram back in 1998 after forestry operations opened access to one reach of the river, seeing its population plummet thanks to then 5-a-day regulations. That day last summer was the first since 1996 that reach produced to its potential, finally bouncing back after 20 years. An over-all low population of slow growing, old cutthroat (they can live to 22 years in the Ram) in a tough, cold, canyon environment, it’s great to see it given the time to re-establish, though it obviously teeters on too much love from anglers.

One female cut came to hand and her colour shone in the summer sun. For me, she represented both the success of our efforts to seek change as well as so many days of exploration on that water.While painting this piece, I often thought of many moments spent on that river. It’s rather significant to me. People and places often shape your life. It was in the Ram where my fly fishing first began 20 years ago. It’s one of  the key places my career in the fly fishing ‘industry’ started. When I stop to think of it, a part of who I am today is because of this place. I’ll always be grateful for its dramatic walls, its inviting waters, and the fun I’ve had fishing to its cheeky cutts.


Size: 22 X 14 1/4 inches
Price: $250 CA + GST & shipping; Comes with 3 inch matt on foam core


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