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If you’re in the fly fishing & tourism industry, and looking to get your word out, we’d love to work with you. Your social media campaign needs content & reach. The best content shares authentic stories and moments through photos and short video. They’re engaging, real. But it’s imperative to have reach beyond your audience. To sustain & grow your business, you need a mix of repeat & new customers without blowing the ad budget. You need a good social media & web presence with an engaged community. 

That’s where we can help. We’re experienced fly fishers and we love working the camera. We “get small business”, having been guides, lodge owners, and magazine publishers. We share our knowledge, our authenticity. We share our moments. We have a following that’s growing and we have solid connection & reach with companies that have massive reach in the fly fishing community. Our content is well-received, some of it goes viral… because it’s both engaging and authentic, never contrived nor staged. See the number circled below in a simple share of a rising brown trout: the screenshot was taken one month after our post. 1.3M views – that has reach!   

Photos & videos are stories to share; so too knowledge of how-to, where-to or when-to. These are of value to the fly fishing community. And each are tools to use in website embeds, social media channels, email campaigns. 

We travel to fish & shoot with you for 2 – 4 days on your waters. We shoot pics & video of all components of your location & operation, focusing on moments that make it special at that time, in those conditions, as well as what makes you unique.  It’s incumbent upon you to know a few specific spots or potential events that represent your goal (end content below). We can loosely plan to an intention & topic(s), however, we can’t be hard-married to a specific topic. We have to allow ourselves to evolve with what unfolds on the water; we’re flexible and adaptable. For example – we might plan on pods of rising trout with close-ups during an olive hatch but might have to shoot aerial drone shots while streamer fishing. The internet audience can spot staged, scripted content a mile away and immediately discredits it as promotional: life ain’t perfect but we can make the best of our time, authentically. (We are available from the Midwest to the Pacific Region unless you have a larger travel budget). 
You allow us to shoot what we see, produce to what happens & evolves, to best represent. These aren’t collaborations, they’re our representations with intent. They’re authentic moments.    


  • Instagram Shorts – Provide you with 30 – 60 second video productions (likely 2 to 4 per day filming). Topics: your fish, water, sense of place & location (micro & macro); your lodge/truck/boat/camp; you & your operations; the representative fishing scenes as occur in our time together.
  • Photography – what we shoot, you get a copy of the sorted photos to use in your web/social audience (with credit @jensenflyfishing). Let’s make good use of this content. You’ll likely see 30 to 60 photos from each day. 
  • Rights to use all photo & video content as content to share to your audience (website, social media audience) for 1 calendar year. We’ll give you the edited “IG shorts” files to share to your feeds directly. We’ll share the same content in our feed as we go, sharing where we are and sharing your message. These will likely be shared through our social media connections also.

Additional Content & Reach Possibility: During our time we will likely have enough footage and content to develop a video for one of the following: 

  • “Moments” – Our new series that specifically sets the mood, feel and setting of one special fly fishing engagement. It’s patently obvious when magic is happening and we strive to capture that magic on camera. These are 3 to 5 minute duration. 
  • “Master-Class”- We’re presently working with the Orvis company in further developing their Advanced Tactics part of their Learning Center. If you have a specific “How-To” topic that is unique, valuable, and can be shot & edited to a 2 – 3 minute instructional video, it may be included in this series.
  • “The Bank” – We began this series fall, 2015 as a means to share some of the more subtle aspects of fly fishing, to put the audience in the front seat of those moments. This series has longer videos with stronger sense of place, and includes other people we fish with, destinations, and how-to, akin to a mini-tv show.

Cost of fuel for our truck, food, accommodation (with you, in a hotel, or in our RV) + $1500-$2500 (depending on duration).
Please provide a description of your project vision, timing, etc.
587 876 1698

Samples Below: