The “BROWN TROUT PROJECT” is a video book / encyclopedia of how-to fish brown trout. 8 Chapters, focusing on brown trout and why they do what they do and and how we can use knowledge to improve our on stream success.  We examine Seasons of Brown Trout; Brown Trout Fundamentals; Brown Trout Diet; Influencing the Brown Trout Take; before moving on to look at how brown trout interact with rock, gravel, vegetation, and darkness. It’s a total education in fly fishing for brown trout and how we’ve been so successful through the years ~  Total Running Time 3hrs 45min. 2014

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  • “The Jensens have created the most comprehensive Brown Trout Film… EVER”.  Fin-Chasers Magazine
  • “It’s simply 50 years of guided fly fishing rolled into one production” Tom R
  • “I’ve marvelled at incredible knowledge, photography, and footage through the years. I’ve enjoyed photos and video from the best for a long time, be it Lefty, the Becks, and countless others. This project’s knowledge and videography is a masterpiece” Steve H
  • “Simply stunning, an endless journey of the most amazing brown trout footage and knowledge you will ever find” Phil M
  • “Dave and Amelia Jensen eat, breath, sleep, and probably dream fly fishing, especially brown trout. They let others along for their ride of countless trout streams in their videos, and their latest effort “Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Project” is simply a world-class effort. It’s a compilation of the past 13 years chasing brown trout classified in 8 chapters2.



SIGHT-FISHING TROUT RIVERS – This video is designed to provide you a solid foundation on the principles of sight-fishing (trout spotting), to help you become successful in this style of fly fishing. It blends some wonderful fly fishing footage with subtle how-to, each scene laced with situational tips.
We discuss: how & where to spot trout in rivers; what trout look like in the water; proper approach to the water; factors impacting sighting; using the secrets of trout’s lateral line; casting and line control; proper positioning for sighting; and many subtle tips in each scene. The dvd is must for fly fishers interesting in hunting trout, learning sight-fishing tactics for your home waters and a variety of trout sizes, or when traveling to sight-fishing rich locations.
“Nobody else on the planet sees trout like Jensen” Tom Rosenbauer

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  • “Hi Dave, I just watched your DVD that arrived while we were away. Some great footage of NZ and terrific instruction on sighting trout.”   Mike McClelland – Best of New Zealand.
  • “I invited a friend over to watch the DVD and boy did we enjoy it. I have tried to explain sight-fishing to him but as I can´t really show him what it is like, this film helped so much to explain it with video, what I could not explain in words. Thank you, he is now hooked! A brilliant film, with some amazing footage of sighted trouts, striking rivers and tiny creeks. This is a film for everyone, however it is a brilliant “how to fish NZ” film, so to everyone that is planning on fishing NZ for the first time, buy this DVD, it will prepare you for whats coming.  Dave and Amelia, thank you for sharing and thanks for being such a sweet couple. Amelia, you are kicking ass and taking names in this film.”  Robert H- Sweden
  • “Just finished watching the video for the 2nd time. The fish and scenery are outstanding but the tips, tactics, and information are really what make it such a great video, so much so that’s it’s a bit overwhelming. I’ll continue to watch it to try and retain as much as possible. The section on different lighting and cloud cover as it relates to a particular type of stream was eye opening and about as original as anything I’ve seen or read recently on flyfishing. My favorite was the section on latteral lines because Dave educated me on the subject at dinner one evening at Fortress. Those lessons were invaluable in Chile while we were fishing big hopper patterns on a tiny stream. Of the half dozen fish I landed that day not a single cast was placed up stream of the fish. Great job both of you.” Joe L USA
    “The footage of feeding trouts is incredible. The clarity of footage and the instruction on how to be successful sight fishing is amazing. This is the best video on sight fishing.”   James V – Australia
    “Just got a copy of this video and loved it. Fantastic footage Nice job! I have shared it on the Fly Life Forum!”  Blake Swadling, Indigo Creek Bamboo Rods, Australia

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