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GREAT NEWS!  As we fish with friends & colleagues, we find ourselves ultimately helping everyone – either with their approach, presentation & mechanics, or work as a team on a sighted or rising trout. At heart we’re guides, hosts, and educators to help you on the water. After a few years away publishing the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine, we’re again offering a limited number of “Fishing With” and “Guided Days” each season (we’re committed to various fly fishing video projects as well). We are not full time guides but enjoy it immensely.

“Fishing With Dave & Amelia” As our guest, the 3 of us hit the water together – one of us is on camera for the day and the other rotates sighted fish, pools, or runs with you. Yes, if something uniquely special happens we’ll likely give way to you on the rod, but we’ll need a few minutes to capture it on video. If we’re doing a float trip, you’re in the front and one of us is on the oars while the other casts from the back of the boat. You’re getting a fully guided day by us both, pointing out things we see as well as helping you, and at the same time we’re fishing so you get to see how we do things, our approach, gear used/why, little nuances of what makes us successful, etc. If you’re interested in video & photography, this is a perfect day to see what we do and how we go about some of our video shots. There’s only room for one person and it is all about helping you. Two guides, all the experience & knowledge, all for you. 🙂
$450 Canadian ($375 US)

“Fully Guided Days with Dave or Amelia” – The traditional guiding as one of us hosts you (1 or 2 anglers). It’s our ADVANCED TACTICS video playlist come to life – helping you. 🙂 
$695 Canadian ($550US)

Please email to inquire or book your date. Please make note of what you want to do and when to expedite co-ordination.    ~   Dave Jensen.      587 876 1698

alberta brown troutCENTRAL ALBERTA BROWN TROUT STREAMS: Our home waters are a series of a dozen small (10 to 30 feet wide) streams that flow through pasture lands, forests, willow & alder thickets. We sight-fish, we head hunt, we prospect hoppers, we streamer fish, we fish dry-droppers. If you’ve seen a lot of our INSTAGRAM videos & photos, this is where you’ll be. 

SIGHT-FISHING: We’ve built up a bit of a global reputation for some of the video moments we capture, especially on INSTAGRAM and our FACEBOOK connection with ORVIS… and sight-fishing is how we do it. We’ve always loved spying on browns and invite you to join us as we poke about central Alberta’s brown trout streams in search of browns 10 to 26″. We don’t sight-fish to only target big browns, we sight-fish to have a different style of engagement. Finding big fish is simply part of the game because we can’t avoid seeing them in our approach and this style of fishing. These days begin about 9 or 10 am and last through early evening. Sight-fishing gets very difficult in the evening. If we’re likely to get an evening hatch or are close to evening cruising water we’ll extend this day in hopes that a good fish comes out to play.
Where: Central Alberta Brown Trout Streams; Red Deer River; Bow River; Ram Canyon; Southern Tailwaters
When: May – July is limited & site specific; Late July through end October in universal.

RED DEER RIVER: Olives, march browns, skwala stones, brown drakes, pmds, caddis, hoppers, flying ants, backswimmers & boatmen, and STREAMERS. It can be a great season on the Red Deer River tailwater, and it still has a few good brown trout (18 to 26″). Don’t expect a lot of action but we’ll work together when the moments arise – we’ll likely engage several risers or sighted browns. It’s a relatively poor brown trout river with world-class moments, either with some good sized browns or really neat engagements. This river is about pounding streamers, large attractor dry flies, or honing in on subtle risers during sometimes heavy hatches. We fish the Red Deer from our jon boat with outboard jet, getting out to spot and hunt risers. This allows us to float the river or move to a different reach that may be more productive, as well as to simply enjoy this peaceful mixed-forest river. This is a full day that begins at 9 am and ends when it makes sense, based on conditions. It opens May 15 and can be excellent through the first week of June, then again early July through early October. 

Southern Alberta Tailwaters: If you are going to be in Calgary and fishing the Bow or Crowsnest, or maybe heading over to SE BC to fish the Elk and its tributaries, consider giving us a shout and join us on the southern tailwater rivers. Rainbows & Browns of good size with some hatch-chasing and sight-fishing is available. We’ve fallen in love with these waters the past 4 or 5 years and it’s easy for us to meet up. These rivers don’t open until June 16 and can be high and off color at that time, so we try to focus late June onward. Some excellent hatches occur through the day. These tend to be quite long days as some exceptional things can happen either at first or last light. 

Ram River Canyon: If you want to fish the Ram River Canyon, well, we’ve been around a while as you can see by this article & what we’ve done to protect that watershed. It’s been a long fight, done so we can all enjoy fishing it. Bottom line is that we love the canyon, it’s a special location, those cutts are a treasure, and we’ve spent a zillion days fishing it. The canyon is almost always cold and the water off color through July 1, then fishes quite well July through the end of October. Incredible sight-fishing is available later in the season and we invite you to join us for that – it’s one of the hilights of our Alberta trout season. We DO NOT streamer fish here. These are long-lived fish, some living 25 years, and the scars & impact of large streamers and lures will be present on that fish for a couple decades. It’s kind of rough seeing a fish that lives in the exact same pool year in & out get ripped lips, worked over by large streamers & lures, so we stick to dries & nymphs. Having caught the same exact fish 11 years running in some instances, it causes such a reality check. 

Bow River: There are a multitude of excellent guides on the Bow River. Our friends at Fish Tales Fly Shop have excellent guides that guide the river full-time. Our angle as guides & hosts is simple: you want to fish with us and have fun in our jon-jet and focus on some different tactics. We do streamer fishing a little differently; we get out to sight-fish and break-down and work a specific bit of water; we head hunt; we do some neat emerger things during hatches – those kind of things. We’re not saying other guides don’t do that. We are who we are and have our own approach and ways of fishing & conveying things that are intended to be universal in nature. 

  • The Bow’s conditions are perfect for sight-fishing on sunny summer to late fall afternoons
  • Streamer fishing can be exceptional April through early June, and again late June through July, Sept-Oct.
  • Hatches & head hunting can be exceptional July through October.

A $200 Paypal or chq deposit is required. The deposit is refundable up to 60 days from date of your trip. Inside of 60 days the deposit is non-refundable.  The balance of your trip is to be paid cash upon arrival. If the hoped for water is unfishable at the time of your trip due to conditions, we’ll take you to the best alternative. We have many in Alberta. We recognize the N America way is to book based on preferred river or stream, however, we operate on the Kiwi guide method of best alternative once forced to seek alternatives. 

Please email to inquire or book your date. Please make note of what you want to do and when to expedite co-ordination. 🙂 
Dave Jensen
587 876 1698

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