In the Scumline

Part of what fascinates us as fly fishers is the life about the water. Yesterday we were on the Bow River and had a good day. It wasn’t a great day of fishing. Sure, we caught a few fish and engaged a nice rising brown trout. But the hilite came as we were trying to decide whether to stay on the river to hope for an evening caddis event or to head back to Red Deer. We’ve been out 4 late evenings this week already and being 2 hrs home, we opted to leave. But in that time of indecision, we dropped anchor and while Amelia played DJ on the tablet and picked her favorite tunes I snapped shots of the bugs and signs of bugs trapped in the scumline about the boat. In the New Zealand vs Alberta comparison, the strong ++ for Alberta is the aquatic insect life in, on, and about the water. the joy of hatches of small insects and the high value of engagement found in those moments is a special thing. Even the aftermath of hatches and spinner falls, what you don’t see until you look closely in those scumlines is incredible. And sometimes, when you see trout cruising those back waters dimpling and picking things off on its cycle, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to know what its eating for the vast array of options it has. From yellow sallies to golden stones, pmds to blue-winged olives, midges to caddis, and a few that fall into the “baetis” category, one snapshot from mid June shows that diversity.

scumline_18scumline_02scumline_13scumline_12scumline_10scumline_01 scumline_03 scumline_04 scumline_05 scumline_06 scumline_07 scumline_08 scumline_09scumline_11scumline_14 scumline_15 scumline_16 scumline_17

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