As we sat on the reed bed, waiting out the storm, it got to be too much. The pike were on. 🙂

The back story is that I used to fish for pike as a kid with a fibreglass rod. I used a spinning reel to chuck spoons and the glass was amazing at launching them. I loved fighting pike on that set-up. I always caught hell from my uncle who told me to save my fly rods for fly fishing out at his place in BC, but using the glass rod while pike fishing kept me dreaming of those trout waters.

This spring when Amelia & I were at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Montana, Orvis’ rod guru Shawn Combs told the crowd that they had a new Superfine Glass rod coming into production, a sweet, 6 wt, 8’6″ glass rod with a fighting butt. He had one of the prototypes with him and I wasn’t going to leave Montana without it. 🙂  “Only if you’re going to use it”, I was told. Use it? June is pike season in Alberta. 6″ poppers in the reeds. Floating lines, smashing takes. One false cast and launch the popper to the edge. Twitch. Smash. Yup. We’re using it Shawn.  And as usual we try to beat it up a little along the way. Thought you might appreciate the yarding pike out of the water with it. 😉

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