New Video! Master-Class Monday: “Fishing Follow-Up on Small Streams (Part 1)”

We all love to get out on the water. Many love small streams and plan to fish our way upstream all day, having a great time with willing trout. But what happens when things get busy? How do you adjust your plans when you know there’s people about and it’s obvious that you’re stuck fishing follow-up to the anglers in front of you on a small stream? Let’s have a look!

One thought on “New Video! Master-Class Monday: “Fishing Follow-Up on Small Streams (Part 1)”

  • April 15, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    Excellent points. Mostly where we are the small streams are ignored so my son and I alternate. He’ll fish a section, I’ll watch. Then we rest it for about ten minutes and I’ll refish it. On the next section I’ll fish and he’ll watch. Then we rest it and he refishes it. It’s interesting how we can each catch behind the other. We used to just jump from one section to another alternating who fished and watched. What we did find is that we enjoyed the watching as much as the fishing. We’ll probably both do a lot of watching after my grandson learns to cast.


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