NEW VIDEO! Master-Class Monday: “How to Wrangle Large Trout Out of the Bush”

Big fish and heavy wood cover are a given. And inevitably you’ll see a rise. Obviously wrought with danger, your day fishing a 4 wt to open risers on a stream gets complicated in a hurry, you’re outgunned and while the odds of a hook up are high, the odds of landing the fish are low. Do you ignore it and walk past? Not likely. So let’s have a look at two engagements where large brown trout are feeding near their heavily wooded lies and see how things pan out and look at how we can tilt things in our favor a little! You are going to have a hell of a fight no matter what and you’ll have to work your gear to have any chance. It’s a bit longer video as it covers two good fish. Let’s have a look!

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