NEW Video! Master-Class Monday: “JIG HEAD Streamers – the UGLY WORLD”

UGLY has arrived! Years ago, mostly because I’m cheap and was broke, I looked high & low for alternatives to tungsten cone heads for my deep-running streamers. I started off with big, round #5 or 6 split shot but pinching them onto my tippet caused breakage issues. But that step trained we to use #14 or 20lb mono as tippet when streamer fishing big, deep, fast, or murky rivers. I left that concept behind about 15+ years ago when walking through a tackle shop delivering magazines for a friend’s business. And the good ol’ bucket of jig heads that was there when I was a kid was still sitting on the counter. “Ah-Ha!!!” The candle was lit. In the past 15+ years I’ve had time to play around with jig heads in the 1/8, 1/16 and 1/4 oz sizes and found where each is applicable, how to fish them, and also discovered that not every jig head manufacturer cares about quality the same as you & I. Let’s get to it – it’s time to introduce you to the ugly world of copy-catting river walleye anglers… welcome to jig head streamer fly fishing! 🙂


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