New Video! Master Class Monday: “Keep Feeding the Fish!”

In our years guiding, hosting, and fishing with others, there is a point at which most people, if they haven’t caught a fish on a cast or set/perceived time frame, project that the fish isn’t going to be caught… it’s “uncatchable”. A little secret is that every fish is catchable.

In this video we look at a really nice brown trout in a riffle that is obviously feeding up a storm. And through successive casts, Amelia’s line of drifts eventually meets up with the brown’s rhythm. But she loses it soon after.

Many people would project that this big brown is done for the day, not to be caught. In fact, if you believe the legends of big browns, this fish might go off the feed and sulk for a day or two.

N o t   R e m o t e l y   T r u e.

We decided that since it had been feeding so mercilessly on drift nymphs that we’d just have a snack and let it & Amelia both calm down. And about 10 minutes later, AJ stepped up to find it feeding again. And given the low light day, riffled over head water, the current speed, and tannic stain to the water, it was then simply repeating gentle, targeted casts and drifts over and over again until this gorgeous brown ate once more. You should already know how this one ends. 🙂

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