New Video! Master-Class Monday: “Murky Water Sight-Fishing”

Early spring is an excellent time for sight-fishing, but as things warm up, snow melt comes on and our rivers become turbid. Not when you’d think to sight-fish, right? Ah, but sight-fishing isn’t the exclusive domain of clear water. As you develop spotting skills, you realize that it’s seldom the fish you are looking for. Once you realize that you’re looking at shapes, motion, fins, out of place color, off-color, and what fins, heads, and tails look like, you understand that leads you to be able to spot trout in less than 18″ of visibility. Let’s have a look!

One thought on “New Video! Master-Class Monday: “Murky Water Sight-Fishing”

  • April 18, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    Very Instructive video. I wonder how many times, I have passed off a trout as a stick…haha…Nice Catch!


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