New Video! “Morgan”

Life is fascinating. While we’ve titled this video “Morgan”, this scene has 4 individuals in very different places in life in that moment. It also had two couples in very different places in life in that moment. That moment inspired each person… and each of the couples. That was – and is – the beauty of this living moment. This moment lingers… it continues to inspire the same 4 individuals and those two couples. But it also has opportunity for others, in their own way to apply it to themselves and, in turn, others. And that’s the impact that inspiration can have. Even a simple moment of inspiration can foster something in so many, known in the moment or in hindsight, for those directly or indirectly involved. That’s the sweetness of a simple moment in life.

One thought on “New Video! “Morgan”

  • March 19, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    A striking video! Beautiful backdrop and fantastic fish! Great combination of sound and video.


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