New Video “Retro Shorts 2 – The Fights”

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll have seen these short videos that we filmed 10 years ago in our Instagram feed, here they are in higher quality! 🙂 We love fishing small water. Its unpredictability is what sets it apart from any other water – you simply have no idea what a hot fish is going to do, where it’s going, or if you’ll see it again after you set the hook. These are some of our favorite fights with good fighting, 2 to 4 pound rainbows, in often tiny water or in tight quarters. Dave’s favorite starts at about 3:40. 🙂 We have long-standing access permission to fish this water – the fence in the scene in the middle of this video simply there to keep the flocks of thousands of New Zealand sheep out of the flax swamp upstream. Once again, these videos are a series of one minute or less short videos shared to our Instagram page @jensenflyfishing so maybe give us a follow if on Instagram. 🙂

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