New Video Series “The Bank”

We’ve decided that it is time to create and commit to a new video series. We love the subtle moments of fly fishing. Fly fishing – to us – is about the moments engaged with fish. It’s the quiet moments where you are so close as to see gills flare as a brown feeds on a willow grub 8 feet away, the silhouette of a rising rainbow’s jaws on the steel reflection on an oily glide. We’ve found that the fly fishing film world has gotten away from sharing the connection with the sounds, feel, and connection with those engaged moments, gotten away from helping people with being successful in those moments, how to fish them what to look for. In our “The Bank” series, that’s exactly what we aim to do: expose you to some of the unique and common situations in fly fishing that make it special, to plan ahead as well as to be deliberate and controlled. These are the things that breed success.

As we continue to film, it’s obvious that we engage unique situations that can help other anglers. Yes, there are many ways to approach and cast in fly fishing other than what we’ll share, but our goal is to keep fly fishing simple and real, to encourage you to simply have a go.

And that’s exactly what we do with our friend Devan as we fish a rising rainbow trout on the Bow River recently. We help him with the subtleties and the intricate details and considerations that go into working a bankside riser. If you have never hired a guide but struggle with some of the finer points of working good, rising fish, the coaching Devan received is exactly what good fly fishing guides do. They keep a fairly even keel through encouragement and control, providing direction, yet allowing you to engage. We were on a favorite bank on the Bow River that is well-known to have good risers and this day we engaged a few nice rainbows. We spotted the rise, drift wide around it as to not disturb it, and anchored at shore to wade back upstream. If you watch closely and listen to the rhythm and intensity of the casting, you can tell the longer the engagement continues, the more relaxed Devan’s casting becomes and the greater chance he hooks up.

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