New Videos! Streamer Fishing the Bow & other large rivers

When streamer fishing, you have to adjust your presentation, its size, its depth, its speed, and target water that trout hold and figure out what combination works on any given day of the season. Not always easy! The first video below should help you with gear selection, knots, and fly selection. The second video will help in locating trout. Pay special attention to where & how we’re fishing. While it wasn’t “all fish on” kind of a day, there were dozens of fish moved. To the write ups:

Part 1: “We joined David Blair & Terry Johnson of Fish Tales Fly Shop for a float on the Bow River to fish streamers. Before we set out, David & Terry took the time to share their set up for streamer fishing the Bow. This set up is applicable to most mid to large sized rivers, so give it a go next time you’re out.”

Part 2: “This is a new direction for us. Most of our videos are short and very focused on one fish or fishing scenario. This is longer, more tv episode length. While long for the internet, it’s got a ton of content to get you going streamer fishing.

When David Blair of Fish Tales Fly Shop in Calgary wanted to do a streamer fishing video for the Bow River, we knew it would be a bit of a monster. Anything can happen (and did) when fishing streamers – from incredible hook-ups one after another, a steady stream of missed takes, or absolutely nothing. The result isn’t the focus of this video, however. We all agreed that it was most important to show an on-stream video-chat as we floated, to discuss the various structures, casts, retrieves, etc as we encountered them through the float. Pay particular attention to where the casts land in respect to various structure; the delay to allow the flies to sink; the strip type or dead-drift presentations.

There is considerable versatility required when streamer fishing, to find out what is “most right” to engage more fish each day. There is ample discussion of where the trout will be on larger rivers such as the Bow. We also lost a lot of fish, had follows, short-strikes. These things happen and you continually adjust presentations in hopes of sticking a higher % of trout. Losing fish isn’t so tragic – everyone in the boat is engaged and having fun – and every cast has potential. Please be sure to see the episode “The Bank EP 13 – Streamer Set Up” for the details.

A special note. As we always do when fishing with others, we fished as opposite to David Blair as we could. Where he used a moderate, 15 foot sink tip, we used an aggressive 350 grain, 30 foot sink tip. We added 1/4 oz weight to the big streamer, for a set up that was lobbed more than cast, and sinks at about 10” per second through the water column. While we had an advantage in the deepest water we were limited in shallow water by not being able to dead-drift streamers or even slow our retrieves down – we had to keep our flies moving relatively quickly to avoid snags. While great for those deeper runs and pockets, the versatility of the lighter set-up as David used was better for that reach of the Bow on this day in those lower water conditions.”

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