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Guest SpeakerIf your club, company, trade/fishing show, or group is interested in destinations such as the province of Alberta, Canada or New Zealand, OR if you are interested in improving your fly fishing skill, knowledge, tactics, and abilities, we can host a live seminar or presentation that lasts an evening, a full day, or weekend.

Our feature presentations are photography and videography based, fully integrated in order to provide you a seamless presentation full of information. We work exceptionally well together and give a balanced presentation that reaches the male and female angler – each of whom appreciate different aspects of time on the water. We strive to present in an entertaining, informative, relaxed manner that reaches people and provides opportunity and jogs thought. 

As you can see from all that we have produced and shared through photography, videography and various media inclusion, we certainly have ample photography and videography to support an incredible presentation on a wide variety of topics! 

We have presented for the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club (Spokane), Missouri River Fly Fishers (Great Falls); Kilpatrick Fly Fishers (Saskatoon); Western Canada Fly Fishing Symposium; Bow River Trout Unlimited; Edmonton Trout Club; Edmonton Trout Unlimited &  Northern Lights Fly Tiers, amongst others.  
  • “Hope you and Amelia are doing well as you prepare for another trip to New Zealand.. I am jealous!  Look forward to seeing some more of your videos online… it was a blessing to meet you both and have you speak at our club meeting.” David Kuttner, Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club, Spokane, Washington. 
  • “A HUGE  thank you to Dave & Amelia Jensen for the fantastic presentation on Saturday at the Kilpatrick Fly Fishers annual Jamboree. The presentation was not only educational, engaging and extremely entertaining, it also brought about a lot of nostalgia for this displaced southern Albertan! If you, or a fly fishing organization you are a member of, are looking for a truly first class presentation, please get a hold of them. Their pictures alone are worth the price of admission!”  Matt Dick, Kilpatrick Fly Fishers. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • “You two did an A+++ job! Everyone I spoke with really enjoyed your presentation and the wonderful photography that went along with it. I am pretty certain there wasn’t a single individual who attended that wasn’t at least a tad jealous at some point during the presentation – you covered so much! What an incredibly personable presentation, it was obvious you were fully engaged!”
Guest SpeakerAt present we have the following presentations:
  • Fly Fish Alberta – the presentation that nobody wants you to see. As publishers of the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine, sharing 1400 waters across Alberta, we have had the joy of having time to explore beyond what most anglers in Alberta have been able to. This presentation can be tailored to 1 – 2 hours or a 1/2 day. It shares the trout fly fishing from around the province and delves into the various regions, the waters, the hatches, the trout, and timing of angling opportunities.
  • South Island, New Zealand – We’ve traveled to the S Island of New Zealand 9 years running, spending 2 – 3 months each year poking around the tiny waters to the big, simply to explore what’s there and to engage some exceptional trout. It’s a great presentation that features what New Zealand is about, what’s offered to the traveling fly fisher, how friendly the country is, as well as the birds and sights of this stunning country.
  • Central Alberta Brown Trout – We spent 19 years as fly fishing guides in “Brown Trout Country” NW of the city of Calgary, through the Red Deer, Sundre, Rocky Mountain House Region. We know these waters intimately and have an extensive photo & video library to walk through the seasons of these waters and what the hatches and trout behaviour offer the angler. 
  • Sight-Fishing Trout Streams & Rivers – We produced a full-feature DVD on just this subject. Sight-Fishing is a tool that not many fly anglers use but when those summer to fall conditions hit and those days where nothing seems to be moving and trout seemingly become difficult to catch, sight-fishing and the tactics behind hunting & stalking trout lairs and movement kick in… and boy is effective!
  • Strategies for Small Streams & Rivers
  • Tactics for Trophy Browns
  • Sinking & Sink Tip Line Tactics for Large Rivers
  • Seasons of a Trout Stream
  • Western Hatches and how to fly fish their fly patterns
  • Approaching A New Trout Stream

If you are interested in having us present to you, we’d love to join you and be of benefit to you and your fly fishing:
587 876 1698

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