Repeat After Me

Everything in my mind said “don’t do THAT!”

But, we did it.

Despite 8 previous years of coming to New Zealand and the knowing the #1 rule of fly fishing New Zealand is “DON’T MAKE SET PLANS”, we did exactly that.

Our friend Brian wanted a nice home base for 2 weeks and we thought ‘why not?’ We booked a Holiday House the next 2 weeks in the gorgeous, west coast summer town of Hokitika. It’s not quite summer as it turns out. But, on cue, as we drove over Arthur’s Pass to Hoki, the weather magician worked his magic. Deluge. Duh. Who didn’t see that one coming. The best part? The 10 day forecast has zero sun and rain, showers, heavy falls. In 2 weeks here thus far – we’ve had one day over 18C, most filled with rain, hail, and that 2″ of snow. Amelia has worn 4 layers daily. So, why not take on 200mm of rain a day the next 10 days?

About 4 or 5 years ago our friend Mitch came over for a fish for 6 weeks. It rained 5 straight of those weeks before the weather broke. That week made his trip, but that #1 rule, when coming to fly fish in New Zealand – and repeat after me/us: DON’T MAKE SET, LOCKED IN PLANS!

New Zealand rain
west coast rain!

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