New Video: “Tail”

A short video with one small brown trout. If you don’t sight-fish (aka “spot trout”), you might look at the small details in this video. We were out on a small spring creek with a friend and he eventually got the trout to take a hopper. Before that, mind you, we had to contend with first spotting the brown in amongst the glare from a passing white cloud to the north as well as a cloud covering the sun. Both caused glare on the water. But you can see the tail of the brown in the close up shots if you look closely. The brown ignored the caddis, then the caddis with dropper nymph, then ignored a small hopper. It finally came to inspect a larger deer-hair grasshopper pattern. It was neat to watch it hang immediately below the hopper before smashing it. The last neat little detail is to point out the directionality of the weeds in this spring creek – they tell the story of the flow, depth, and how deflections and buckets push the flow.

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