Thanks for the Thanks!

New Zealand fly fishingWe get quite a bit of email through our Jensen Fly Fishing and our Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine networks. It’s always great to hear of people’s fishing, their experiences. What we have been thrilled to hear is feedback from people that have purchased our Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Project and Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers video/dvd productions.

This year we had a lot of feedback from people who had watched the Brown Trout Project. As we get further removed from the launch and worry about sales, the satisfaction of hearing feedback and the joy in people’s emails and messages has really resonated with us. Clearly, those that have taken the time to watch our project have enjoyed it, many have gained a lot from it, and many have had major breakthroughs with their brown trout fishing.

And that is awesome.

In 19 years of guiding fly fishing, we saw the impact of our help with people from the start of the day or the start of their trip. With video, you simply don’t have that follow-through connection. It’s only when people take the time to send notes, messages, or emails that you get that. And this past week we had another series that were truly satisfying.

Thanks for the Thanks to everyone. It’s been an honor.

“Hey Dave & Amelia,
Just wanted to commend you and your wife for a great job on those. I have learned a ton from them and also gave them to a fishing buddy as a birthday gift and forwarded the link to the trailer to a bunch of friends. I’ve been fly fishing at the addict level for about 5 years now, and living here in Bozeman that is easy to do even right through the winter. I read a lot of books and magazines, watch video, fish with other people etc. But I have to say that I have improved my fishing more in a shorter amount if time with your help than with any other method.
You have organized and presented the information beautifully, and something about just watching you put it all into practice on the river for a few hours really drives the lessons home. One of my buddies son is now a world youth and U.S. National fly fishing champion Cam Chioffi. When we get the opportunity to fish together I always just ask him to think out loud so I can be apart of his thought process. That is essentially what your videos do and it is great!
Many thanks and keep up the good work. If you ever get down to Bozeman area, lets get out.
Ed T., MT, USA”

“Hi Dave & Amelia: I am a big fan of Seasons. Thank you for putting that out there. Ed and I fish a bunch together and it has changed the way we approach the water.I will be in Sydney and am thinking about adding a few days on to fish NZ waters. Any recommendations for a guide?
All the best, Pete”

“Dave, Amelia…..thanks for the footage, simply incredible! Best $6 i ever spent and i’ll get all the other too.
The South Island of NZ is a special place….i spent 6 weeks there in 2001 fishing and the scenery blew me away. Been back to NZ the past 2 years for commentary (i commentate on tennis all over the world, watched your Canadian Boy Milos Raonic today in Tokyo) but could not get any fishing in. The Oreti, Eglinton and Ahuriri were 3 of my favourites but i wasn’t a very good caster back then. Inexperienced too…… But 13yrs later i’m a pro ;-))
Thanks for sharing your incredible experiences, and don’t ever get a day job! Warm Regards
Rob K.”

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