Video Series “THE BANK”

We love the subtle moments of fly fishing. Fly fishing – to us – is about the moments engaged with fish. It’s the quiet moments where you are so close as to see gills flare as a brown feeds on a willow grub 8 feet away, the silhouette of a rising rainbow’s jaws on the steel reflection on an oily glide. We’ve found that the fly fishing film world has gotten away from sharing the connection with the sounds, feel, and connection with those engaged moments, gotten away from helping people with being successful in those moments, how to fish them what to look for. In our “The Bank” series, that’s exactly what we aim to do: expose you to some of the unique and common situations in fly fishing that make it special, to plan ahead as well as to be deliberate and controlled. These are the things that breed success. Be sure to use the playlist menu at the very top left of the video to see the full play list of the collection. 

Orvis News Review: “This is one of the best how-to videos we have ever seen, and it comes from our friends Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing in Alberta. If you’ve ever wondered why folks hire a guide—and why great guides are so sought-after—you’ll understand after you watch this. The angler, Devan, is faced with a bankside riser on the Bow River, and Dave talks him through the process of approaching and catching the fish. Some of the stuff that Dave explains is hard to describe in writing, which is why this narration is so helpful. Listen to how Dave explains the relationship between casting position and the cast itself. An angler must deal with the current, wind, and his own casting limitations. Dave’s advice on finding a cast that’s comfortable for you and then wading into position so you can make the same cast over and over is genius. I recommend that you watch this a couple times, and it’s worth taking some notes so you remember Dave’s advice next time you’re in this situation.This is the pilot for the Jensen’s new series “The Bank,” and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”
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