Video & Photo Contracts

We’ve worked with various fly shops, guides, lodges, magazines, tv shows, and other media companies on video and photography contracts.
We’re presently working with the Orvis company in further developing their Master-Class Monday fly fishing knowledge gallery. We’ve had video footage included in the New Fly Fisher tv show, Sportfishing on the Fly, Orvis, and Fly Fisherman Magazine.

If you are seeking a video team to shoot your next project, we’re available and offer strong sense of place, trip or expedition, persona, product or service filming.  Please email us to inquire about our services. Please provide a description of your project so we can provide a thoughtful response and a time estimate to provide the required files.

Our photography has appeared in Fly Fisherman Magazine, American Angler Magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine, NW Fly Fishing Magazine, SW Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Fusion Magazine, Home Waters Magazine, the National Enquirer Magazine, the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine, Fly Fishing the Wmest, Western Sportsman, etc.

If you would like our services, please email us to inquire. We’re available for product, specific and general photography, expedition & trip photography.
587 876 1698

Samples Below:

Standard Contract Parameters (per day)  $1850

  • 1 day on the water together could lead to 1 to 5 video shorts, depending on whether your intention is to hilite a specific product or service or produce a short lifestyle feature. 
  • 1 day on the water typically leads to 3 to 10 days of post production work behind the scenes
  • If it is your concept but our lead in filming & editing once an extremely tight outline is clearly defined and understood, we can include the entirety of the process in a package price
  • If it is your concept but you wish to go back & forth on ideas and shifting of direction per what conditions allow, then additional contract daily/hourly rates will be applied. 
  • Package includes the two of us in filming, hosting, brain storming, as well as our costs. Travel expenses additional.