Watercolor Wednesday- New Original Watercolor for Sale!

“Tailing in the shallows”
This painting was inspired by time spent on high country lakes in New Zealand as well as southern Alberta lakes and spring-fed ponds, where trout cruise shallows flats.

Trout often expose themselves under low light conditions as they move through reed lines of shallow bays picking off emerging caddis, damsels flies and sedges. In ultra shallow water (6 inches or less) you often see their dorsal fins and tails as they move about in a slow, methodical feeding rhythm. The visuals are stunning.  

Dave and I take turns casting to these fish, leading them by a few feet and waiting with anticipation for the takes. Because it’s calm, flat water there’s a palpable edge to the experience that keeps me engaged in a way that’s dramatically different from moving water rises.

Once you hook up, the water erupts and the fight is up close and often intense.  The hope is to not disrupt every other fish in the area, so your fishing buddy can have a go! It’s a great way to spend a summer’s evening.      ~ Amelia

Size: 12 1/4 X 19 inches; Comes with 3 inch white matt on foam core
Price: $300 + GST & shipping
Email: amelia@afgmag.com


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