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“Weathered Beauty”
“The pebble in the brook secretly believes itself to be a precious stone.”  

In this week’s painting share, I’ve moved from the landscape view of life on the river to a close up look at it’s core.

I’ve always loved discovering the life that exists in and around water. It’s intriguing just how diverse each stream-bed is. Each rock’s shape, size, color, rough points and smooth sides – they all capture my eye. I’m drawn to the details that lie within.  I especially like rocks with funky cracks & lichen growth.

Rocks themselves are works of art, but it’s also what grows on or under them that I’m interested in. It’s a thrill to turn over a rock on the river and find it teaming with stoneflies and mayflies ready to emerge! There’s a hopeful anticipation each time. 

This subject was both challenging and rewarding, because watercolor allows for mixing and bleeding of multiple colors while capturing texture with hard and soft edges & other techniques. 

While wading streams, I often think of the many footprints that have touched the same rocks I have and the journeys of their  lives. I’m struck by the realization that it’s a big world, but a small one all at the same time. 


Size: 21 1/2 X 15 inches; Comes with 3 inch white matt on foam core
Price: $325 + GST & shipping
Email: amelia@agfmag.com  

A macro look within the painting:

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