Watercolors by Amelia

I love what I see in the natural world.

“There’s so much beauty around us, both in composition, color, texture and movement. Behind the paintbrush I’m drawn to capture what I see & feel. I’ll often take it one step further and express the subject in a fantastical light, with more color than you might normally see with just your eye, though sometimes colors in nature can’t be repeated with paints, even if you tried.”

I’ve had a strong interest in watercolor painting since grade school. I love the fluidity,subtlety and color vibrance that can be explored in this medium and my inspiration of content has come from so much time spent on the water fly fishing with my hubbie, Dave. Throughout our travels and explorations of secluded valleys, creeks and rivers, we’ve had the fortune to see/photograph many moments. It’s those close encounters with trout, birds and the land itself that inspire my artworks.  Our propensity to get as close as possible while filming and fishing  often makes subjects feel so much larger than life. The engagements are meaningful and my hope is that my works inspire and uplift others.”

~ Amelia Jensen
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I currently have a number of artworks for sale at a gallery, The Room At Home  located in High River, AB (123-3rd Ave SW) or  please email or call for specific work, inquiries, or custom commissions!

amelia jensen water color

Custom Paintings
Custom paintings are available upon request. I do much of my work from photos. If you have a special photo you wish to have used to inspire a painting, a memory from a trip taken or if you see a photo from our website, or have something specific in mind you would like to see as a watercolor, please email me (amelia@afgmag.com) and I’ll be happy to discuss what you want and put together a custom piece for you. The timing of a completed painting, ready for purchase requires flexibility and understanding as this is a creative process. Prices are reflective of the size of painting and time involved to produce the work of art.



Canyon Life
Inspired by a recent hike into an old familiar water. Oh, the canyon life! – many adventures have been had in this place full of color, life and movement.”

Barnaby Explorations
“Because of a long time love of golden trout and the few gorgeous lakes they inhabit, a past guest of mine from my days at Fortress approached me to capture his exploration down south this past summer. It was the layers of mountains, with Crowsnest mountain standing tall in the distance, along with the chinook clouds skirting the setting sun that inspired  this piece.”  


We fished a long favorite reach of Alberta’s South Ram River last summer. Dave & I did the petition & lobby to change the regulations to C&R on the Ram back in 1998 after forestry operations opened access to one reach of the river, seeing its population plummet thanks to then 5-a-day regulations. That day last summer was the first since 1996 that reach produced to its potential, finally bouncing back after 20 years. An over-all low population of slow growing, old cutthroat (they can live to 22 years in the Ram) in a tough, cold, canyon environment, it’s great to see it given the time to re-establish, though it obviously teeters on too much love from anglers.

One female cut came to hand and her colour shone in the summer sun. For me, she represented both the success of our efforts to seek change as well as so many days of exploration on that water.While painting this piece, I often thought of many moments spent on that river. It’s rather significant to me. People and places often shape your life. It was in the Ram where my fly fishing first began 20 years ago. It’s one of  the key places my career in the fly fishing ‘industry’ started. When I stop to think of it, a part of who I am today is because of this place. I’ll always be grateful for its dramatic walls, its inviting waters, and the fun I’ve had fishing to its cheeky cutts.

My Colorado Escape
“As the fall is starting to show itself everywhere, I’m drawn to the expression of those vivid colors through my artwork. A few months ago, I was asked to do a custom painting for a past guest of ours from Arizona. The subject was his family cabin – a special fishing escape for him in the Colorado mountains.”

The Fin
“While rafting along the foothills of Alberta  in early fall one year we came across a pod of grayling on a canyon water. They were dimpling the surface of this long run taking caddis. Upon releasing them, their large dorsal fins were glowing in the beams of sun infiltrating the water, causing colorful waves.”

Glass House
You know when you fall in love with a stream, you get to know it so well that you start to name your favorite pools and runs?
“Glass House” is one of those….In late fall when the water levels are low and gin clear, this spot offers spectacular sight-fishing. Dave and I take turns scrambling up the canyon wall to sight for each other, to cast to specific old friends in the river – fish that we’ve caught 4 to 10 years running. The fish are working the pool, feeding on mayfly emergers and midges. From up high, the strength and fragility of the canyon walls are evident and the perspective of the river inviting.”  

Being Whole Again
“This piece wa
s inspired by the renewal that comes from working through hardship in life and coming out the other side, while being fully supported by the ones you love.
Fly Fishing is something this couple loves – time on the water together has given them a hopeful escape and renewed energy. Over the years, Dave’s guided them on the Ram River system. It’s one of the waters in Alberta they’ve come to know and love.”

Early Snow
“Late September fishing often brings early snow flurries on cool, cloudy days. It’s often the year’s best fishing. Browns are well fed and fattened up from the summer – healthy and ready to put out a good fight. If you time it right, a good hatch of blue winged olives come off with large, dark heads snouting up on shaded, oily slicks. But it’s a double-edged sword for me when it comes to my emotions – I’m thrilled about my catch, and the fall colors around me but there’s a sadness in the air as I know the season’s coming to a close.”

Char Color
The inspiration for this piece came from a Fortress Lake brook trout caught about this time in August. It was caught by wonderful guest at Fortress Lake Retreat. The day was hot and sunny but the evening was simply one of those spectacular days that come but once or twice a season… still, placid. This rich, distinctive, male brook trout’s colours enamoured me and his gnarly snout told me he had seen a few battles.”
Char color 2-resize
“The drive behind this painting came from a number of browns over the years we’ve found feeding in shallow riffles sipping mayflies floating by. A large trout may barely touch the water surface with its mouth as it sucks in its next meal, yet it can’t help but show off its dorsal fin and tail as it moves about in the shallows. I’ve always been drawn to the dancing movement of the water and the glimpses of color you see within it.”Dimpling Original WC-resize

Colorful Reflections
“Hot summer light on still water and that moment of pure color saturation surrounding a rainbow, just before you send it home.”

Colorful Reflections-resize

Warm Casts
“Inspired by the warmth of a crystal clear autumn day on an intimate spring creek in AB. A peaceful setting that inspires hope for tomorrow.”Warm Casts

Shadow Lines
On small spring creeks here in AB, one can get lost in the magic of the light & line tapestry all around you and miss seeing your fly being sucked down in the shadows by a lazy brown!”
Shadow Lines

“Dragonfly wings have a shimmer all their own and then to discover one on the rivers edge drying off the dew in the early morning sun….well that just made me feel happy inside to be alive :)”
Blue Pool Brown
“I’ve always been in awe by the fact that a trout’s colorings will resemble the environment they call home. This NZ brown blended as it slipped away into the dancing ripples of the blue pool.”
Blue Pool Brown

Forest Hues
“Spending time on rivers is as much about walking through the forests that surround them as it is the fishing and the sure connectedness that brings me. The range of colors seen in various lights & moods are what truly make a forest come alive.”
Forest Hues

Underwater Eye
“Bringing into focus the unique markings of a single trout and being reminded that each and every unique, individual trout is only made possible by the freshwater they’re found in.”

Underwater Eye

Capturing that moment when you think that feisty rainbow is all calm in the net and then all hell breaks lose and you’re in for your second shower of the day. A refreshing feeling on a hot summer’s day.”


New River Brown
“We’d not fished this stream before and had no idea what to expect. Even the land owner figured there to be no trout. We found a few, and the unexpectedness of the day combined with the beauty of the stream and fish were its inspiration.”
New River Brown


Spots in the Weeds
“I was inspired with my paints to capture the bold, leopard like spots that some brown trout have. Having prospected with a hex pattern one hot summer afternoon a few years back, I hooked up with this gorgeous brown. After landing it, It decided to rest by my feet where I could simply enjoy its presence before it darted out of sight.”
Spots in the Weeds-resize

Rosa Trutta
“My inspiration for this painting came from an Alberta brown trout that was picking off brown drakes drifting past an undercut bank covered in wild roses. The timing of this mayfly and wildflower is a classic scene for many fly fishermen, hatches that are occurring right now across the west.”
Rosa Trutta

Surfing the Chisel Fan & Square Tail
“Inspired by the Fortress Lake brookies that love to ride the waves of the incoming Chisel Creek, looking for an easy meal. Didn’t take much for the fly fishermen at our retreat to get a glimpse of their beauty before sending them back into the glacial waters”
Surfing the Chisel Fan & Square Tail

 Bow in Bubbles

“Inspired by many encounters with healthy female hard fighting bows down the icon Bow River system. Also reminded of my fun crazy women friends, Nancy & Shelly singing “ gonna take my money to the big ass bank” while floating and chucking big dries to the bank! :)”
Bow in Bubbles
I’d love to hear from you, your inquiries on any painting, commission, etc. Please email or call:
587 876 1698

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  • April 28, 2015 at 3:32 am

    Hi, I am interested in an original painting very similar to that on your website titled “under the beech canopy”. Roughly 20×30 inches. Is that something that’s possible?

    • March 1, 2016 at 6:56 pm

      I would really love to have one of your paintings and I especially like the one of the Alberta Brown trout picking off brown drakes in front of a bank covered in Alberta wild roses. Is it called Rosa Trutta? I don’t think you mentioned it’s size? What price would you be asking for it? Would you write the description on the back of the painting?

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