Alberta Weather & Water
BING Weather Page
Environment Canada – Alberta Weather Forecasts
The Weather Network – Alberta Weather Forecasts
Western Canada Radar –
Shows what active weather is coming/going. Very useful for tracking where a thunderstorm has rolled through the previous 3 hrs as it can indicate severe water temperature swings or a rise of stream flow or reduced water visibility.
Alberta Basins Water Flow Report – Shows the flow rates of our streams and rivers during summer and (if chosen in the drop down menu) the mountain snowpack per drainage. As storms roll through during summer in various reaches of a watershed, it’s a good idea to allow 6 or 7 hrs for its impact to show at the station.
N America Smoke Forecast – things have been hot, dry & smokey the past several years so this link helps forecast how intense or clear the weather. 
Alberta Weather Warnings – A map that shows what warnings are in place across Alberta.
Jet Stream Map 

New Zealand Weather & Water
Met Service

West Coast River Flows

Nelson & Tasman

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