Welcome to Jensen Fly Fishing. We’re husband & wife team Amelia & Dave from the Crowsnest Pass Region of Alberta, Canada. We love to fly fish, film, and photograph fly fishing. We do so professionally and recreationally, spending 250+ days a year on trout water from Canada, USA, Patagonia, and New Zealand. We offer media production for your company, tying in to our 150K followers on our social media channels to provide you extensive direct exposure. We have strong networking relationships that have large audiences of more than 1M followers. Working with us offers you a two-pronged campaign of quality content and a massive targeted reach.


Please take the time to watch our free video series in our menu links above. There’s a lot of great content. For in-depth how-to educational series our Brown Trout Project and Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers VOD offer detailed information. NEW! Our “BROWN TROUT PROJECT” VOD is now only $15!

The “BROWN TROUT PROJECT” is a meaty video encyclopedia of how-to fish brown trout. 8 Chapters, focusing on brown trout, why they do what they do and and how we can use knowledge to improve our on stream success.  We examine Seasons of Brown Trout; Brown Trout Fundamentals; Brown Trout Diet; Influencing the Brown Trout Take; before moving on to look at how brown trout interact with rock, gravel, vegetation, and darkness. It’s a total education in fly fishing for brown trout and how we’ve been so successful through the years “The Jensens have created the most comprehensive Brown Trout Film… EVER”.  Fin-Chasers Magazine~  Total Running Time 3hrs 45min. NOW ONLY $15

Jensen Fly Fishing