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ADVANCED TACTICS – Twice a month we try to share a new Advanced Tactic Video to this playlist. These are short videos specific to one how-to topic. 

“AS IT HAPPENS” – We begin this series late 2018 in hopes to put you in the scene with us, seeing what we use, how we fish, how we approach various situations on the water. It’s a new concept in how-to as we share what happened without the filter of making ourselves look good. Look for some cosmic misses, some great fish landed, pretty much anything and everything will be shared in hopes of helping you through our best-guesses of what to do, when, and allowing it to unfold. This will be more true to life than any of our other videos.

“MOMENTS” – If you’ve been following our Instagram account (@jensenflyfishing), you’ve seen some neat video clips rolling out. We’ve been blessed to be able to capture some neat moments, enjoy some great fishing. We’ve also explored improving our how-to videos on our YouTube channel. Those have all been great. But missing in these is the focus on one scene; exploring how best to share the magic of one moment engaged with a trout; sharing the complete scene of one fish, the uniqueness of the how and the micro ‘where’ it happened; the neat and special things along the way. That’s the inspiration of “Moments”. And that’s what we’ll share in this series.

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