Marketing & Content Creation

We love our work and hope you will too – we love to engage, be creative, and have fun doing so. We take your outreach vision and create a multimedia solution. We take an IDEA to STORY to CAMERA to FINAL EDIT & SOCIAL MEDIA REACH. We come armed with a solid built-in direct social media audience of 100+K with an indirect working network that reaches 1/2 million+. We provide you the files and final edits to share with your audience. We do what real fly fishers do – fly fish and share real stories, presenting opportunities & knowledge; we connect with people. We share knowledge and experience, drawing out yours and presenting it embedded in a package that real people identify with and appreciate. Let’s have a look!    

Together we plan 2 days of fishing and filming on your waters. In advance of the trip, we work and communicate what best to focus on – either a hatch event (maybe skwalas in spring), a topic or special tactic and from there we’d tell your story to represent what makes you and your location unique.  If the conditions preclude our plans, then we’d capture what unfolds and tell that story. There is high value in unexpected situations as some of the most engaging moments that reach an audience is unscripted. Our approach is authentic, educational and engaging,  The most viewed and engaged social media posts include sense of place, the river environment, hatches, personality, knowledge of tips and tactics and intimate engagement with fish.

  • THE PRODUCT   We produce 15 to 20 short videos up to 60 second duration (# exception based on conditions). We provide you with photo selection from our time, 25 to 50+ photos. We produce 1 of our “Advanced Tactics” or “As It Happens” series episodes (see our video web page or see below for samples). We provide the media content to you at the end of our time together or shortly thereafter.
  • THE REACH   We will post the videos to our feed (Instagram 60K; Facebook 28K; Youtube 7K). We strongly encourage you to share the files we provide to your feeds as well. We consider media as tools to use which is why we provide these for your use.Our network contacts (Orvis, etc) have large audiences; by ensuring unique moments occur we should be able to reach large audiences through network shares. An example of how simple moments often connect with people is shown below in a 1 minute video of a rising brown trout. 1.3 million views. Every company can benefit from that exposure. 

$2500 (Project Fee) + Transportation & Accommodation (we’ll work with you).

Note we do Specific & Custom Package Shoots to specific video concepts. Such projects are more in-depth collaborations that we love to execute. Please email to begin the process together
*Custom shoots and planned promotional packages are price negotiated.

CONTACT Please provide a description of your project vision, timing, etc. 587 876 1698


“Bow River Vignettes” – We filmed this feature with Fish Tales Fly Shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a feature video AND social media short videos in mind. While this video feature is 18 minutes long, it’s full of beauty, subtle tactics, and if you watch closely, edited to one minute clips assembled to the full. In other words, the result of our day is a feature video as well as 18 Instagram short videos. We also were able to shoot an additional 20 Instagram videos this day, providing Fish Tales 3 dozen videos. Our typical day provides less but when conditions fire we don’t put the brakes on – we want to provide you content and reach! 




Letter of recommendation:
Tom Rosenbauer
Marketing manager
Orvis Rod & Tackle

“We have partnered with Dave and Amelia annually for a day (or two) on the water for a few years in a row now. Initially we were doing this as part of a larger advertising program that encompassed some print advertising as well as the video content. More recently these days have been an opportunity to focus on specific techniques while on the water. We’ve always approached our day on the water as a fishing day with the hope of putting together some worthwhile content to share with on-line audiences. Dave and Amelia are open to our suggestions about what we’d like to focus on and work with us leading up to the day and throughout the entire process to create content that exceeds our expectations. They are excellent behind the camera and easy to work with.”  Nancy Storwick. Co-Owner Fish Tales Fly Shop. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Dave and Amelia Jensen have been among the best ambassadors and filmmakers I have ever worked with. Their work for Orvis News, Orvis Fly Fishing, and Orvis Adventures has been impeccable, brand-right, and it has always come in on-schedule and on-budget. Because they know both the sport and industry of fly fishing so well, I usually need to offer just short-hand instructions that they can run with, and I haven’t been disappointed yet with the result of any collaborations. And if we need to change gears in the middle of a project, they are always accommodating and ready to adjust. Add to that the fact that they are both kickass anglers, and you can see why Orvis works with them so often.”  Phil Monahan, Social Media & Communications, The Orvis Company

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dave and Amelia Jensen for the better part of 15+ years.  As guides, operators and media/marketing specialists in the fly fishing industry, their thoughtful and authentic approach has always been steadfast.  Their passion as anglers is only rivaled by their level of professionalism in the fly fishing industry.  Both are goal driven and willing to go the extra distance to ensure a high quality product is the end result.”  Tom Evenson, Pro and Endorsed Programs Manager, The Orvis Company, Inc

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the video of our new Ultralight Wading boots. Often, at Orvis Guide Rendezvous, because it’s new product we are telling stories and repeating feedback through the field-testing phase, but we showed the boots and played the video and people were blown away. Very impactful, thank you.”  Shawn Combs. Director Product Development/Design, The Orvis Company

“Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of working with Dave and Amelia.  They have always been easy to reach and more than helpful with my promotional needs.  Through their substantial following on Instagram, they have provided me with product exposure that I could not have accomplished on my own.  As a result of this my brand recognition, online presence and sales have significantly grown.  I look forward to continuing my work with them moving forward.”  Bob Reece- Owner of Thin Air Angler; contributor to Fly Fusion Magazine Field Editor, Gink & Gasoline; and Professional Guide.

USEAGE RIGHTS: You may use the final productions in your social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo) and website. The media content cannot be used for any other purposes (images and video are copyright Jensen Fly Fishing) or re-edited for any other advertising, marketing or any other campaign – additional useage rights agreements are applicable.