New Video! As It Happens: “Do Nothing Reach Across”

There are periods that are almost voids or vacuums to a season. Those tweaner times between seasons that leave you wondering where the fish are, what they’re doing. And sometimes, they aren’t doing much at all. One of those times is late spring just after a heavy run-off, when the temperatures are low, the water levels a little high, the bugs have been swept, and the terrestrials aren’t doing anything. And sometimes the trout just kind of get into a funk. Enter this video. The browns at this point of this trip to New Zealand were just “off” and not doing much, sitting like sticks on rocks waiting for something to change. We found one such brown doing nothing. Luckily the water was clear and we could see what was needed in order to catch it. By adjusting depth, speed, and ensuring the mend allowed a natural drift, we were eventually going to get the take by giving this nice brown what it wanted, how it wanted it, where it wanted it. Let’s have a look…

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