New Video! Master-Class Monday “Watching Before Casting”

Sight-fishing can be exciting. While often dismissed by anglers because “our waters aren’t clear like in New Zealand” or “our trout aren’t monsters like in New Zealand” or many other excuses, the truth is that for 1/2 the season in many locations sight-fishing is applicable no matter the trout 10 inches or 10 pounds. You only need 2 feet of visibility and water reading knowledge to know where to look – and most certainly you’ll find some of the larger trout in any water.
This fish was barely rising. Had we simply stayed in the water, we might well have spooked it. A low population stream like many brown trout waters, it rarely pays to rely simply on risers. So, up on the bank and look, watch, and observe.
Once located, sure, you can fire off a cast and catch the fish, but after a while of playing pitch & catch with trout the value is truly found in observing what it does, how it relates to food and structure or perceived threats, those kinds of things. And that’s what made this trout so incredibly special to watch before casting… everything worked out as it often does because of a little allowance of time & space and presenting what needed to be presented, where and how.

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