New Video Series “As It Happens”

Happy to announce that we launch a new concept series. Through the years we’ve done a lot of video and shared a lot. Frankly, we’ve only shared about 20% of what we’ve cataloged. We’re sitting on a ton of footage. That begat the thought “we need to re-think things”. And so, we’re changing how we’re shooting, what we’re filming. Everything evolves and we are as well. “AS IT HAPPENS” will be more authentic, unpolished, vulnerable. It’ll share our thoughts leading in to a fishing situation, our set up, our best guess, our plans. And then we’ll just have a go. And we’ll share the result – good, bad, or four letter words. The point is to put you in the scene with us to see what we do, how we think, make decisions, our “why” and “how”. We’ll shave it down to the most pertinent points to help you see that this is just fishing, that there’s commonality to all situations, that if your foundations are consistent you will have success. And share the reality that the differences between us are slight, but the consistencies need be established. 

In this first episode “Under The Canopy”: there’s some neat things that happen under a willow canopy. Most often wrought with tough sighting in to variable light, there’s great holding water in the pockets and troughs as streams wind about willow thickets. We share some thoughts to a good brown that was cycling about in one such pocket, what we’re using and how we’re approaching this one. Once hooked up there’s a lot of little details in the fight and how to ensure to not get broken off under some serious cover.

One thought on “New Video Series “As It Happens”

  • November 24, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    The information is clear and so is the beauty of the sport.


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