New Video! “The Stillwater Series” – How to fish a leech & chironomid under an indicator from shore

High, muddy water got you off the trout rivers? Looking for trout action and you live near a trout pond or trout lake? This weekend might be a great time to apply the easiest, most effective, simplest tactic to catch trout in lakes from shore! 🙂

A lot of anglers don’t have access to boats. A lot more trout anglers that love fishing rivers don’t get to fish during periods of high, murky water. And a lot of fly fishers refuse to fish trout lakes, especially stocked trout lakes. And most fly fishers simply don’t understand the simplest way to overcome all the above and have a whale of a time fishing from shore, catching some fat trout while enjoying time with friends and family. In this video we keep things simple and stop at a stocked trout pond in central Alberta, Canada to look at just how incredibly easy it can be to fish a leech and chironomid pattern under an indicator!

Let’s have a look!

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